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Howto: Processing of FLEXlm Debug Logs

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How to setup collection of data based on FLEXlm debug log data


Locate FLEXlm servers and setup lmgrd to write debug output

Make sure FLEXlm daemons you want to monitor is running with debug
output enabled. If they do not already produce a debug file, this can
be done by adding option


to the "lmgrd" command line.

Installing an Open iT License client with Flexlog data collection

The license server needs an Open iT Client installed with the License

During installation of the License module, when queried for

Monitor FLEXlm debug logs? [n] :

answer "y".

You will then be asked for path's to FLEXlm debug file, license.dat
file and "product name" for each lmgrd server that is running, e.g

Enter full path to FLEXlm debug file (end with "last") [last] : /product/license.log
Enter full path to FLEXlm license file [] : /product/license.dat
What product name should identify data from these files? [] : product

After the last FLEXlm debug log is setup for monitoring, just press
enter to exit configuration.

You will also be queried for lmutil binary (even if already provided
through a previous License module installation).

Updating an existing Open iT License client

If you already have a Open iT License client installed on this host,
you must reinstall the License module.

Backup the file


before reinstalling and copy back the file after FLEXlm debug is installed

Also verify that the lines

LICPOLL /opt/openit/bin/licpoll

is still present in


after the reinstall.

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