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Howto: Complete Input Logging for Licpoll

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How to activate complete input logging for LicPoll.


LicPoll is a program for logging status information from license servers. This status information is delivered to LicPoll in a specific format, and LicPoll supports several different formats. But once in a while, a known format changes, due to upgrades in the license server - or for some other reasons.

This may cause LicPoll to fail or misinterpret the status information, in which case we need to update LicPoll, so that it can understand the changes in the status information.

An essential and effective way of doing this, is to collect the status information exactly the same way as LicPoll does, and then run LicPoll in our test environment, with that data, modifying LicPoll to interpret the data correctly.

A function has been added to LicPoll, to allow it to log the input data as it is collected. This is called complete input logging. It can be turned on by changing configuration.

Solution (For installation with Licpoll lower than that in patch 848/1211):

On Windows, enter "[installdir]ConfigurationComponents", and edit "licpoll.xml". Locate the configuration object named "input-data", a sub-object of "log", near the top of the file. Change the value of "input-data" from "false" to "true".

Then, enter "[installdir]bin", and execute "ConfBuilder.exe".
Let things run for a couple of hours (at least 1 hour), and then reverse the change (deactivate complete input logging). (Edit xml-file, then execute ConfBuilder.exe again.)

On Unix systems, enter "/var/opt/openit/etc/", and edit "licpoll.conf". Locate "input-data", and change it's value from "false" to "true".
Let things run for a couple of hours (at least 1 hour), and then reverse the change.

When complete input logging has been deactivated again, locate the log files and send these to
On Windows, you will find them in "[installdir]Log". On Unix, you will find them in "/var/opt/openit/debug/". The files are named "LicPollComplete-*.log.gz".

Solution (For installation with Licpoll patch 848(Unix)/1211(Windows) and/or Open iT version and above)

Below is a similar error that will be written in the licpoll debug files if the first solution is implemented for the newer licpoll version.
debug-1 2013-08-05T09:00:03 (10.01) 1800.804: ConfReader: Found, but type is "Bool", not "String".

The old valid values were "true" and "false" having "false" as the default. However, with the newer licpoll binary the valid values are "never" , "on-error", and "always" where "on-error" as the default.

Setting it to "always" instructs Licpoll to generate complete input logs with or without an error. The log files are saved in [installdir]/Client/Log/temp/LicPoll/LicPollComplete-* in Windows

/var/opt/openit/temp/license/licpoll/LicPollComplete-* in Unix/Linux



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