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Howto: Uninstall faulty installation (Windows)

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In few rare cases, it has been impossible to remove/uninstall old Open iT version. There may be several reasons, like faulty installation package, or inadvertently deleting Registry keys.


Locate the following key in the Registry:


Make sure to highlight this key ("UserData").

Search for "Open iT". You should get a hit in a key path looking something like this:


(in "Comments" or "DisplayName" value).

"S-1-5-18" may look a bit different, and "5714856C4A56D694E80DFF0924101346" will also be different for different OpeniT versions.

Rather than deleting the key, add a "REMOVE_" prefix in the "5714856C4A56D694E80DFF0924101346" key. This will help you get back to the key in case you made a mistake of renaming a different key.

Now you should be able to run a new installation on top of the old. You might want to delete/rename the old installation directory on your hard drive, but that is not required.

If you wish to uninstall, rather than upgrade, you should now be able to run uninstall for the newly installed version.

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