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Tip: Keep Flexibility when Changing/Moving the OpeniT Server.

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If you decide to change the host for your Open iT server after installation, you manually have to update all the clients to recognize your new server host.



Use DNS Alias for Open iT Server

Full Description

Before installing your Open iT server, define an alias in DNS for the machine that is going to host your Open iT server, e.g. "" and use this as the server address for all your clients.

Then, whenever you wish to move your Open iT server to a different host, do the following:

  1. On the old server shut down all Open iT daemons, with "/opt/openit/bin/openit-all stop"
  2. Update your DNS entries so that the "openit"-alias points at the new server.
  3. Install the server on your new host, but do not start the daemons yet.
  4. Transfer all the data and report files and all custom configuration from the old server host to the new one.
  5. Then start the server daemons on the new server, with "/opt/openit/bin/openit-all start"
  6. Verify that everything is ok with the new server setup. That is, the new setup works as it was in the old server, all the data and configurations trasfered from the old server is available here, and you are able to generate reports, etc.; there are no specific errors in the error logs after the verification process.
  7. Uninstall your old server.

Note! If your Open iT server is also a client, you need to manually trigger transfer of data from the client to the server before shutting down the daemons.

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