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We always recommend that you open a new ticket describing your problem and your environment. You will receive an automated reply with a request ID and shortly thereafter further communication from Open iT support.

You can also call the support hotline 1-866-OPEN-IT-S (+1-866-673-6487) or your local Open iT office during office hours for phone support.

The Open iT Support Center

Welcome to our customer support center!

Open iT Support provides email and phone support for Open iT Software related to the running of the software itself and installation and/or configuration if that has been performed by Open iT Professional Services. Open iT Support will make a sincere effort to see that each problem is resolved to the satisfaction of each customer. Open iT Support responds to all support requests.

Likewise, Open iT Support will help in solving problems related to running the Software that are caused by factors external to the software (such as customer caused configuration errors, factors related to the hardware environment, etc.), but Open iT does not have a legal obligation to resolve such issues.

Open iT Support exists to improve the Customer's experience with Open iT software. We will do our best to resolve all issues in a timely and expedient fashion.

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